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QUESTION: Are giclee prints worth the investment? 

ANSWER: Giclee prints are extremely high quality fine art prints.  Limited editions of these giclee prints ensure that these giclee prints will maintain its’ rarity and value.  When buying open edition, there is no limit to the number of prints made.  Regardless you are buying museum quality pieces of art when you buy giclee prints.

QUESTION: Do giclee prints fade or yellow over time? 

ANSWER: Giclee printing process uses archival ink to print on archival paper, meaning that it will resist fading while regular prints will fade and yellow over time.

QUESTION: How can you tell if an art piece is an original?

ANSWER: Depending on the medium used, you can look for stroke marks, or bleeding through to the back of the paper or canvas. You can evaluate the texture of the surface and check for definite signs that it is an original.

QUESTION: How can you tell the difference between a regular print and a giclee?

ANSWER: If you can see dots or half dots or disintegration of the image with a magnifying glass, it is not a giclee.  Sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between an original and a giclee without closer examination.

QUESTION: How does Giclee printing achieve its’ quality imaging?

ANSWER: First the original art piece is digitally scanned and then sent to the ink jet printer.  During the giclee printing process, the ink jets apply microscopic droplets to the substrate.  Usually 12 different ink color tanks are used to provide a wide range of colors.  The results are just about a perfect replication of the original.  Sometimes even professional photographers use this process to reproduce their photos for their limited editions.

QUESTION: What are the different substrates that the giclee prints are printed on?

ANSWER: first there is standard archival paper which produces a high quality giclee print, then there is premium archival paper which is a little thicker and produces a slightly sharper image.  Second there are two sizes for the stretcher bars for the canvas, 0.75” and 1.5”.  Giclee prints on canvas are of the highest quality.

QUESTION: Do you have a secured check out for purchases made on your online gallery site?

ANSWER: Yes, we do and you can pay by Paypal,

QUESTION: How long does it take before an item is shipped out?

ANSWER: Average is 2 weeks or less.

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