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FLOWERED WOODLAND PATH 2018 color pencil, brush tip markers, gouache on paper by artist Eva Maria Jones. This fine art piece is a limited edition of 25.  Original 22"x17" and open edition giclee prints will be available on this website's PATHWAYS GALLERY. 

"Flowered Woodland Path" 2018

FLOWERED WOODLAND PATH depicts a flowered lined path that transports you from a light at the end of the tunnel to that of a fairyland like landscape.  The use of contrast between the light against the darkness, is reminiscent of  Thomas Kinkade's paintings. He was the American artist painter of light.  This contrast is useful in promoting an emotional response to this painting.  A sense of serenity has been referenced to after some pondered on this art piece.  

Accepted into Envision Art's "Fervor" Exhibition 2019

Won "Special Merit" in Space, Light, Time"s "Landscapes" 2019.

"Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind. Their leaves are telling secrets.  Their bark sings of songs of old as it grows around the trunk.  Their roots give names to all things.  Their language has been lost but not the gestures"  Vera Nazarian

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