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At a very young age, I knew art was my calling. I now create art for the inner need to express my soul, for the joy and for the healing. It is so much a part of who I am now.  I feel that my art, my passion needs to be shared with the world.

My art is mostly inspired by artists who practiced suprematism much like Kazimir Malevich, where the abstracts are characterized by simple geometric shapes.  Wassily Kandinsky with his use of geometric shapes and overlapping lines, also comes to mind.  The atmospheric effects of the contrast between light and darkness in my art is definitely influenced by "The painter of light" Thomas Kinkade. 


My art is set apart by my extensive use of intricate details in the way of repetitive hash marks, stippling and patterns.  I incorporate the elements of light and darkness in all of my work in order to provide the necessary tension needed to produce the atmospheric qualities that affect the viewer's response to my art.  I initially began my artistic career drawing abstract trees and landscapes.  I am now focusing on abstracts that veer away from realism.  My latest abstracts embodies my revised artistic approach, PATH IN MOTION, SPACE TIME CONTINUUM and PATHWAY INTO ABSTRACTION.




Eva Maria Jones

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