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Wind Chimes

"Dangling bangles in rhythm of light

Colorfully shining right into the night

Caressing my ears with magical tones

Dancing on air while my mind gently roams.

Frances E. McClelland 


This piece is part of Eva's abstract geometric art series with an element of a realistic path going through the trees signifying a transition from realism to that of abstraction.  PATH IN MOTION conveys a sense of movement much like Calder's moving mobile art that he created in his later years. The geometric triangles, spheres, rectangles and squares are interconnecting to each other by the way of black wires.  They appear as if they are propelled by the wind.  This is the illusion. This colorful  abstract art is part of Eva's ongoing mission to join the ranks of  abstract art artists.  This contemporary art was completed using color pencil and ink on artist board in 2019 by artist Eva Maria Jones.  This is one of many examples of modern abstract art.  The unframed original, image size: 20" x 30" and unframed limited edition of 275 giclee prints are available on this website's  ABSTRACT GALLERY.



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