"Path Into Abstraction"

This piece is part of Eva's "Pathway" series where Eva focuses on the allure of a path transitioning from a place of familiarity to that of the unknown.  With every twist and turn, one's prospective changes when traveling on an unfamiliar path. At the forefront one sees the known reality while a light shines at the end of the tunnel.  Does the light signify enlightenment that progresses into a total new reality or does the known reality progress into enlightenment.  One must ponder.  All these paths that evolve over time begin as art abstracts.  This drawing is one of many examples depicting abstract geometric art.  Eva is working on joining the ranks of well known abstract art artists.  She loves creating abstract art that shows emotion by using contrast of the light against the darkness in order to create the atmospheric qualities to her work. 


This art piece also won "Special Recognition" in Light, Space, Time's international "5 5 5 " 2019 competition.