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Body of Work Art Ideas

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

It is imperative that if you want to be taken seriously as an artist by curators, gallery owners, designers and art collectors, etc., you need to complete a body of work. First let's define what is an artist's body of work. A body of work is a collection of individual pieces of work that communicate similar ideas. These ideas must be developed into different or improved versions of your artistic expressions. You can either develop your ideas using different media, techniques, composition or they can appear rather similar with some variation. Either way you need to reassure the individuals willing to invest in your work that you are safe bet.

They need to see that you are capable of effectively developing your ideas and disciplined enough to see them through to completion. Your audience should be able to see a common thread either quickly or with some preponderance.

You may ask "How does one develop or even begin to figure out what ideas one may want to develop?". The answer is actually quite simple yet comprehensive. Immerse yourself in everything that is art. It is a research learning project that you have to take seriously. Read art magazines, journals, and articles on everything that is about art. Research and find artists who inspire you. Study and discover what it is that draws you to their art. Read their bios and artist statements and learn how you can effectively write your own, especially if you feel a kindred spirit. You must decide if their ideas are something you would like to develop but in your own unique own way. This is what one would call as being inspired by another artist's work. Keep a journal of everything you found interesting. Turn it into a scrap book of photos, pictures, inspirational quotes and articles. Join artist discussion groups like "Artists who try to make a living" or other groups who will give constructive criticism of your work. Check out blogs. Visit galleries, art shows, festivals and museums, etc.. Take notes and ask questions. Glean and adopt what you find useful. Foster your sense of curiosity and unfettered creativity. Dare to be different but learn from the masters.

In conclusion, creating a body of work IS hard work but in the end, satisfying. "My body of work", to me, are like my children brought about by a labor of love and nine months of pregnancy. Each individual art piece is as unique as a child who becomes part of the same family. A coherent body of work will show that you are a serious artist committed to developing your ideas from start to finish, reassuring investors willing to support your endeavors. Come follow me on my #art_blog on my website for more #online_art_business advice, #art_related_business_ideas, #body_of_work_meaning_art and #body_of_work_art_ideas.

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