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  • Eva Jones

For The Love Of Fantasy Landscapes and Fairy Tale Art

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Why do we love fairies? These spirit children of nature take us to an other worldly place set apart from our stressful, mundane lives. Most of these petite, gossamer or colorful butterfly winged beings are thought of as magical and benevolent entities bestowing the believers with a sense of tranquility, calm and an appreciation for the fairies persona of innocence as one would expect of well behaved children. Tinker Bell on the other hand was a sprite who had mischievous attributes as demonstrated in the tale of Peter Pan. According to ancient folklore, fairies were not always so pleasant to be around but for now we choose to love the Disneyland version of these mystical creatures.

Fairy and fantasy landscape art offers the viewer the spark needed to be able to imagine themselves as witnesses to an otherwise inaccessible universe inhabited by these supernatural, spiritual "embodiment of feminine energy" and beauty. In many of the illustrations, the kingdom of fairies is set apart from our reality via a waterfall, an actual wall, a deep forest or a secret garden hidden from view. The fascination and imagination induced by the re-telling of fairy folklore brings one back to a simpler time where childhood curiosity was untainted by cynical adults who have lost faith in the world of the unseen.

The Cottingley fairies photos of 1917 stirred up such a frenzy when they were released into the public view. At first there was skepticism but then the curiosity grew. These photos were taken by the cousins Elsie Wright and Frances Griffith posing with what appeared to be 2-D fairies dancing around them. It proved to be a hoax but people chose to believe in the in-explainable anyways. The Theosophical Society, formed to explore the in-explainable, immediately embraced the photos as proof of another evolution in the works. In Britain at this time, people were drawn to mysticism and spiritualism in hopes to find reprieve from the memory of the horrors of WWI.. They were more than willing to believe that these fairies were real, living in a world way better than theirs. Here again is an example of humans wanting to be transported, literally, into the realm of the fairies in order to escape their stressful and mundane lives.

Fantasy landscapes and fairies are my favorite genre to depict in my art work. The images displayed here are my fairy drawings and paintings, mostly completed in 2018 with the exception of "Tiger Swallowtail Fairy" done in 2019. As you can see, the fairies are found deep in the forest by a pool of water and a cascading waterfall. #fairy_tail, #fairy_art, #fantasy_art, #fairy_tail_fan_art, #fairy_illustration, #magical_creatures, #Cottingley_fairies, #folklore, #myths, #mythological_beings, #fantasy_landscape_painting, #Tree_landscape

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