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Genre Choices And Style

A genre is determined by the artist's choice of media, medium, subject matter and particular style. For the artist it is a personal matter on what those choices would be. For me, my first love was the media of drawing, painting and the two dimensional. I tried sculpture, pottery, poetry and music but found that these medias were not my forte. I strongly recommend artists to explore as many medias and mediums in order to discover what they truly love.

An artist's unique style evolves over time but initially it is inspired by the artist's they admire. Art history, trips to the art museum, art shows, art galleries and magazines can all contribute to the evolution of one's style. Initially, I was attracted to the vintage black pen and ink illustrations found around the turn of the century. I practiced and developed my own unique style after years of producing clip art and illustrations for print shops. Pen and ink became my comfort zone within my art world. I eventually introduced graphite pencil to my black pen and ink drawings. Color pencil and ink became the logical choice for me to use when color was finally introduced into my consequent art pieces. I found gouache useful when it came to highlights. The other artists who inspired me during my "color phase" were Thomas Kinkade, Maxfield Parrish, Vincent Van Gogh, Calder, Wassily Kandinsky and many of Impressionism's artists.

The choice of subject matter is usually based on what the artist feels passionately about. When it comes to competitions, art shows, galleries and festivals, the artist needs to be mindful about catering to a "target audience". When your genre aligns up with what your "target audience" is looking for, consider yourself fortunate. For me, I am pursuing the completion of at least 8 totally abstract drawings, since galleries prefer contemporary art pieces. My fairies and fantasy landscape are for my own personal pleasure. The landscapes in my drawings are inspired by my favorite places, spiritual places, places where I can find reprieve from the chaos and stress that we find in our every day life.

The choices we make as artists reflects on who we are and what we feel strongly about. Over time we are influenced by those we admire and then discover our own unique style. Genres are just categories we can choose to explore. In the end, it is up to the artist. #art_genres,#landscape_art,#art_blog,#contemporary_art_discussion,#art_commentary,#art_platform,#art_philosophy,#art_critique,#self_taught_artist, #criticism_process_art,#fine_art,#conceptual_art_versus_realism_discussion,#art_world_discussion,#art_group, #art_style, #target_audience, #fairy_art, #color_pencil_landscapes,

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