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Getting The Support You Need While Pursuing The Arts!

It is crucial while pursuing the arts, to find support, whether financial, professional, emotional, spiritual or help with the tasks of doing business. Unless you are Wonder Woman or Super Man it is difficult at best to impossible to do it all effectively. This is true, I have found at least for myself.

We artists are drawn to pouring our heart and soul into our work. Each art piece is a labor of love for us The work has become our "baby". It takes courage, inspiration and confidence, especially while contemplating concept art, trying a new media or medium or both. Ideally, we need to find all these things within ourselves. How? First, we must support ourselves by self care like getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food and exercise.

What is good for the body is good for the brain. The brain needs to be supported physically in order for focus, clarity and skillful execution be available at it's optimum level. Most artist's have been guilty at times in neglecting self care while passionately finishing their work or because of deadlines. I am guilty as charged on too many occasions and have suffered because of it

Secondly, our creative soul requires a healthy dose of spirituality with our higher power. Creativity can be a spiritual experience where one can experience an epiphany of sorts. Reading inspirational books, quotes or stories; listening to people who can motivate and inspire; being outside with nature; communing with other spiritual beings or alone in prayer, all of these things feed our spiritual side of creativity.

As with any human being, we need other human beings. You are fortunate if you have family, friends and other artists cheering you on or offering support in other ways. We all crave the compliments and the appreciation of our work. Sometimes when you are honing your skills or going out on limb in trying out something new, you can sense the dislike from people viewing your work. This is when good friends and understanding family truly come into play. You know that they know that you have the potential regardless of where you are at this moment and you know that they appreciate your efforts toward becoming a better artist. The support of other artists or professionals found through networking, art shows, social media like the group on Facebook, "artist would try to make a living" can also be a great source of encouragement and support.

Financial support can be tricky unless you have a spouse who has a good paying job, willing to support your endeavors. Family and friends can also be a source but not always. You can apply for grants and hope to be awarded. It can be tough financially as an emerging artist. The old adage about the "starving artist" says it all. A lot of times, we need to drum up the money ourselves through commissions or a part time job. For me, fatigue and the energy spent outside of creating art really minimizes my ability to create, so I understand the frustration. With perseverance and gumption, if you hang in there, it could all turn out right.

Finally, enlisting family and friends with the tasks of doing business, social media, guest blogs, helping with the building of a website, researching art shows and other things can be invaluable. I know that there may be no takers but if you can find a person or two it can be enough to lighten your load. You can always hire professionals at a cost but not everybody can afford that. For me personally, I have asked my two sons to work Instagram and the Facebook page. I have family doing guest blogs. My husband is trying the marketing part of it. I have hired help with building the website. If you do everything yourself, become an expert with time management and block out time for everything you have to do. Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. Take breaks and prioritize where you want to shine. All in all, find support within yourself, others and persevere. #artist_advice, #tip_from_the_artist_way, #artist_support_each_other_meme, #artist_support_site, #mental_artist_linked_to_creativity, #creative_soul, #artist_in_need_of_help, #things_to_learn_to_help_artist_resume

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