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Luminism, "The Painter Of Light" And My Style

Around the turn of the century Luminism became an American landscape painting style that was characterized by it's atmospheric use of light and it's interaction between the air, water and landscape. Many of these paintings entailed a hazy sky reflecting on still waters among-st majestic stands of virgin American forest. These paintings instilled a sense of a tranquility and awe as one may expect to find in a spiritual place like in a cathedral. Luminism was America's answer to impressionism.

Thomas Kinkade, also known as "The Painter of Light", incorporated luminism into his style of painting. As a Christian, he envisioned his use of light within his paintings as the light of Christ shining into the darkness that so many have felt. Thomas Kinkade instilled a sense of peace and calm through his idyllic paintings of cottages, churches surrounded by sunlit landscapes or windows glowing with candle light upon freshly fallen snow among other things. Thomas Kinkade used his easel to communicate his spiritual worldview through the creation of his uplifting images. Thomas Kinkade has inspired my artistic style of using light to create the atmospheric feel in my art pieces

My style enlist's the use of contrast to enhance the relationship between the air, water and trees so frequently found in my art pieces. The tension created between the light and darkness, draws the viewer into my drawings. Many have mentioned that they can picture themselves within my paintings. It has been said that my tree lined landscapes induce a sense of peace and calm. For this I say: "Mission accomplished!".

My technique begins with an ink under painting that maps out the values of light and darkness on paper. Intricate details are done using black micron pens, reminiscent of the style used in turn of the century black pen and ink book illustrations. The fairies depicted here are inspired by the vintage fairies also found around that time. Wax based Prisma color pencils are used within my drawings to gradually layer color upon color until the desired effect is achieved. Many of the pencil markings I employ are that of hash marks and stippling. Directional strokes, shading in a circular manner, burnishing are the other color pencil techniques I used for the art work displayed on this blog.

My artistic style is evolving and now in addition to the luministic drawings, I am exploring geometric abstraction. You can still see an interaction between the light and darkness in my abstractions. I guess I am still drawn into the light. #luminism, #Thomas_Kinkade, #Painter_of_Light, #landscape_painting, #Thomas_Kinkade_paintings, #color_pencil_landscape, #color_pencil_techniques, #art_blog, #art_discussion_group, #drawing_techniques, #fairy_tail, #fantasy_art, #black_pen_and_ink_illustrations, #fairy_art

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