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Inspiration For Art

"If you hear a voice say 'You cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced" Vincent Van Gogh. "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." Salvador Dali. "Perfection is an illusion" La Jolla. These are art inspiration quotes to ponder. Henri Matisse stated that "Creativity takes courage." It takes a lot of courage to color outside of the lines and to think outside of the box. You can have an epiphany art inspiration. You know, that "A Hah" moment when the creativity light bulb turns on in that artistic brain of yours. It's when you frantically look for a piece of paper to jot down your idea, knowing that you just had an "Eureka" moment. Or it can be a doodle art inspiration in your art therapy inspiration notebook, where the rambling strokes evolve into a wonderfully original piece of art work. There are many different ways to acquire art inspiration ideas.

Daily inspiration for art takes initiative and needs to be cultivated. You need to have the curiosity of a child much like Pablo Picasso said "every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up". You need to be studying and looking for that seed thought that can be planted in that fertile brain of yours. Your brain become fertile by immersing and exposing yourself to a cornucopia of the arts. Study famous and the not so famous artists. Go visit art museums, art exhibits, festivals and libraries. Include other media like music, videos, photography, 3D, sculpture, installations and the list goes on. Engage with other artists through networking, discussion groups, art inspiration blog and so forth.

SPACE TIME CONTINUUM 2019 by Eva Maria Jones was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's geometric shapes and intersecting lines found in his abstract paintings and Calder's moving mobile art of geometric shape's interconnected with tubing. Even the intricate details were inspired by "Zentangle's repetitive patterns and vintage cross hatching of the pen and ink illustrations found in books around the turn of the century. So this inspiration was a mash up and orchestration of everything that crossed my mind.

So what is plagiarism versus inspiration? Plagiarism is copying a word for word, stroke by stroke or maybe with just a few slight changes. Inspiration is an idea that you have uniquely stewed, that could have been influenced by other artists, events, and by what you read, see or hear. Even your wandering mind during the twilight of the day can spark that artistic magic. Your inspiration can be a mash up of so many different things but with your artistic prowess you stitched it together and made it uniquely your own. There is no time frame for these ideas to evolve. It can be instant or it may take years for your ideas to mature. It is a research project. It can be an experiment wrought with trials and errors.

In conclusion, inspiration usually does not occur in a vacuum. Everything you encounter along the way influences your ideas that lead to your inspiration. Inspiration occurs when you orchestrate all of these influences into something that is uniquely your own. With this respect it is of your creation. #Inspiration_for_art, #art_inspiration_quotes, #art_inspiration_blog, #art_plagiarism_vs_inspiration, #doodle_art_drawing, #epiphany art, #art_therapy_notebook

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