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Get a Little Help From Art

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~ Thomas Merton

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with life these days. Between increasing breaking news stories, career, relationships, kids, commitments, politics, and more, we may feel a bit stretched.

Here are a few Art ideas to help refuel your tank and balance the inevitable life stresses.

1. Go outside and take a nature break using as many senses as possible. You could try your own backyard or a nearby park for starters. Watch the ducks land in water; can you hear the rustle of the water when they land? What birds to you see; any nests? What smells can you identify? Freshly cut grass or orange blossoms? Study a flower using your senses. How does it smell? What do the petals feel like? Any nuances in color or noticeable patterns? Look at the curve of the stem, the sheer artistry of it. Linger during your nature date; close your eyes allowing yourself to breathe deeply, in and out.

2. Need a quick Art pick me up? Try an art app like DailyArt and learn about an art masterpiece daily.

3. Are you a Bank of America customer? Every first full weekend of the month, admission is free at 225 cultural attractions across the U.S. Check out “museums on us” for participating locations in your area. Not a BOA customer? Many cities offer “First Friday” public events which generally include Art and cultural themes. Google your town and “First Friday” to find out more.

4. Are you a facebook user? For Facebook Events- type in “Art events near me” to check out opportunities.

5. Are you a cloud watcher? Gazing into the sky and searching for “cloud art” lifts my spirits. It’s a fun solo activity and double fun to do this activity with a friend and compare findings. Give it a try. #art_as_therapy. #art_as_medical_therapy, #photography_as_art_therapy, #cooking_as_art_therapy, #mindfulness, #healing_from_trauma_art

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