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The Art Of Brainstorming

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

The creation of an original art piece requires a healthy mind ripe with imagination. It needs to be nurtured, cultivated and encouraged to grow. Most brains need to be in an optimum state of being in order to conceive a truly original thought. The power of creativity rests within our heart, mind and soul. It is up to us to take care of all three.

Your state of mind is everything. Relax and put your mind at ease before you do any brain storming. A cluttered, anxious mind hinders the ability to be creative. Positive thinking increases your attention span and creative abilities. A positive attitude is dependent on healthy self speech, self care and maintaining healthy relationships. Post inspirational statements and practice daily self affirmations to boost self confidence that produces a "can do" spirit. Make a point of associating with other positive people, friends and people who inspire you to bolster the positive energy that you need. Creative people tend to be more sensitive because of their elevated awareness of the world around them, so this trait can become a double edged sword. With this in mind, we can become vulnerable to emotional distress that can diminish our creativity. Mindfulness is an important tool to combat this by helping us accept how we feel and to live in the present. Undue stress kills creativity.

Creativity requires inspiration. You can find inspiration by visiting nature parks, museums, libraries or other destinations. You can study the works and lives of the people who inspire you. Join artist groups or take art classes. Try something new. Take photos of what you find interesting. Use your gift of heightened awareness and study the world around you. Take notes and sketches of what you find.

Brainstorming is a process that requires one to set aside a devoted amount of time, perhaps 45 minutes. This is necessary because brain storming requires discipline to work through your ideas to completion. Preferably choose a quiet, sun lit room that has no distractions like a TV, phone or loud music, so your mind can think. Use natural light since it increases serotonin "the feel good brain chemical" within the brain where as artificial light reduces cortisol within the body resulting in sleepiness and loss of productivity. Go for a brisk walk out in the sun light since this light not only increases your serotonin, oxygen levels, it clears the mind for creativity.

To begin the creative process, allow yourself to jot down or sketch your train of thoughts without over thinking it. You can narrow your focus to fit your goals. Review all of your ideas you jotted down on paper. Evaluate and develop the ideas you deem promising. Sometimes you may have to research techniques and obtain reference material to further develop your ideas.

Creating original works of art takes thought, discipline and perseverance. It is not just a matter of artistic talent or skill. It requires a healthy mind, spirit and soul that the artist must nurture and care for. Without any of this, art would be just another pretty picture. #creative_mind, #creativity, #mindfulness, #brainstorming_techniques, #brainstorming_tips, #creative_process, #inspirational_art, #art_inspiration, #developing_ideas, #creating_concept_art

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