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SPACE TIME CONTINUUM 2019 color pencil, brush tip marker is a fine art piece that is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's and Kazimir Malevich's use of simple geometric shapes and intersecting lines.  This piece is also inspired by Alexander Calder's moving mobile works of art and the concepts of suprematism.  The black  connective tubing, provides the nexus for the geometric and organic shapes within this composition.  Strategically these shapes are counterbalanced with each other dependent on their size and placement on the visual field.  Color, contrast and shading elevates this piece from the two dimensional to that of a visual third. Eva's body of work will entail the development of her concept regarding the equilibrium constant and spatial relationship between all the elements within her work.  Original size is 20"x 30"and limited edition of 275 giclee prints will be available on this website's ABSTRACT GALLERY.

_Space Time Continuum_
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